Straw Bale Home: Completely Off Grid And Self Sufficient

Straw Bale Home: Completely Off Grid And Self Sufficient

Living off the grid means living free from the stress of the usual society that will require you to pay high rent or huge monthly mortgages. The moment you realize you don't need to pay out a ton of money to have a fulfilling life, that's when you will think of completely freeing yourself from the usual mindset brought to us by the society. It is not going to be easy at first, but once you get used to it; you will be grateful to have taken that leap of faith. Now in order for you to live off the grid, you still must think of a proper shelter where you could lay your head at night along with your family in case you're not single. A straw bale home is one of those housing ideas that you could consider.

Its up to you if you want to build this on your own, but we suggest that you still get the opinions and the expertise of the professionals. Edge Architects from Taos, Mexico could help you out with that since they have been successful enough building houses like this for quite some time now. The straw bale home is ideal if you live in the dessert. You will love this style since this house is known to be self-sufficient, which means you dont need to worry about so much about its maintenance.

Its outer walls are all made with straw bales that are 24 inches thick. The thickness of its walls makes it sturdy and not prone to heating quickly if you are situated in a hot sunny country. You can expect that the temperature inside will remain balanced because of this structure. In the winter, the heat of the sun can strike deep inside this house, so you wont have to worry about cold winter days either because its walls along with its floors will absorb the heat coming from it.

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