Step inside Ole Hickory and You'll See Where the Cabin Got Its Name

Step inside Ole Hickory and You'll See Where the Cabin Got Its Name

This log cabin home known as "Ole Hickory," is tucked away at the end of a beautiful cul de sac. The log cabin has two bedrooms, is beautifully landscaped and in a lovely forested location that you can enjoy with views from your large back deck.

This gorgeous log cabin is decorated with top of the line Ole Hickory furniture, and looks like something out of a log home magazine. Inside there is a great kitchen and dining area attached to the great room. With furnishings that add to the appeal of this stunning log home. Inside there is also a stone fireplace and the pine wood logs used in the construction of this log home are beautiful. This is a great log home to spend a holiday in, you could even invite your family and friends to come along to enjoy this lovely location and beautiful log home. The master bedroom in this log home has a comfortable king sized bed, and ensuite bathroom which features a jetted tub and a jetted shower. Outside on the back deck of this log home there is a comfortable seating area and a sparkling hot tub that will make you feel welcome in this Ozarks location, day or night. This log home would also be the perfect location for a romantic getaway or a quiet and peaceful weekend away. Ole Hickory is a wonderful adult for adults looking to get away from the city for a day or even a week. This log home offers both rustic appeal and elegance al in one. The other master bedroom in this lovely log home also has a king sized bed.

These Branson log cabins are located seven miles outside of Branson, Missouri. The log cabins are owned by the Budd family that includes Valerie, Robert, and their three children Chloe, Cameron and Jeffery. The family from Dallas, Texas made Branson their home away from home when the kids started attending Kanakuk Kamps in the 1990s. Their youngest, Cameron wanted to go to Kamp but was concerned about the family being so far away. So he asked if they could stay in the area, so the family knew they would be close-by. They did that for seven years! In 2005 they bought their first cabin. Nearly six years later they managed a few of their own and they are now managing the cabins of other wonderful owners as well. The cabins are so close to Big Cedar Lodge that the still dine at their wonderful restaurants. They have fallen in love with the Ozark beauty and the Branson activities available.They enjoy sharing our cabins with guests as Branson Vacation Rental cabins. Together with the other owners their log cabin fleet now includes 22 Amazing Branson Log Cabins for people to enjoy and make family memories in.

There's something about living in a log home or log cabin that makes us feel comfortable, and at home. I can remember growing up my grandfather built the log cabin we spent several summers in. The log cabin was built from trees that were on the property, and the cabin was located on a lake. The only way to the cabin was by boat, making the location that much more special, as it wasn't exactly easy to get there. Perhaps it's that tradition that log homes and log cabins have held through the years, they are some of the first homes in the area in which they stood or stand. There is also something to be said about living in a home that is made with all natural materials, it ties you to where you live and furthers your connection to nature.

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