State-Of-The-Art Log Home + an Outdoor Wonderland = Everything You Ever Wished For

State-Of-The-Art Log Home + an Outdoor Wonderland = Everything You Ever Wished For

This beautiful Log Home 56 inspires log home living at its best. Log living spent enjoying time with family and friends, in a natural setting that offers the best scenery you can find. There are so many great details on this log home to include the wood Eagle carving at its peak to the outdoor patio fireplace, large log beams and posts, log trusses, dormers and log logs throughout. The large outdoor patio has log railings, and a covered area to enjoy long sunny days, and stargazing at night. The log cabin is surrounded by grassy fields, trees and foothills, a location where you can enjoy wildlife, and scenic views from wherever you look. Can you imagine yourself living in a log house like this?The dream of log home or log cabin ownership is a vision many people share. There is something about log home living that is comfortable and inviting to us. The warmth and appeal of living in a home made of logs is undeniable.

When it comes to building log homes, Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, Canada have over 40 years experience. The log home builders believe in building quality log homes, out of quality logs and materials that they know will stand the test of time. Pioneer Log Homes is located in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada where they are in proximity to lots of quality trees to use in their log homes. They are known for using a lot of Western Red Cedar in their log homes. Revered for its resistance to rot and insects, and known to be durable even in the most severe weather conditions. Western Red Cedar is also known to be an amazing insulator. The wood has been used for centuries by the Pacific Northwest Aboriginal people of British Columbia for centuries. All of the logs they use in their custom log home builds is harvested and selected by Pioneer crews in the central forests of British Columbia, Canada.

Pioneer Log Homes has more Western Red Cedar than all the other log home builders combined in British Columbia. They have approximately 300 loads of Western Red Cedar in their inventory at any given time. Their Western Red Cedar has a beautiful quality and remarkable durability that is not matched by any other log species. Their seasoned logs ensure that your log home will be around for a lifetime. British Columbia has some of the most demanding international quality control systems in the world. Their impressive log inventory ensures that they have the type of logs needed to fit the specifications of your new custom log home. You can personally hand pick feature log posts or logs for specific areas of your new family log home. This is not possible anywhere else in the log home building industry.

Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia takes pride in conserving and preserving the forests where they get their logs. Once the trees are harvested for their log home builds, the crews go back into the logging area and conduct reforestation by using native tree species that include the Western Red Cedar. Each year more than 200 million seedlings are planted in British Columbia and 650 million throughout Canada. By practicing biodiversity, and by British Columbias Forest Practices Code, they can give back to Mother Nature to ensure a healthy new forest. It is their responsibility to manage properly the forests, which provide the raw materials that their business is built upon.

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