Splendid Log Home for $56,000 Must See Interior and Floor Plans

Splendid Log Home for $56,000 Must See Interior and Floor Plans

Living in a log home is a beautiful experience. This Splendid Log Home for $56,000 with Must See Interior and Floor Plans would be the perfect home for a family. The wonderful thing about log home kits for sale is that they have so many benefits over conventional dry wall homes. Log home kits packages and log cabin homes kits are very sustainable, as they are made from renewable materials that come from the earth. Most of the logs used to build these log cabin kits for sale, and real log cabins for sale come from sustainable tree sources, where the trees are used for their wood, and then more are planted in their place to grow healthy forests for more logs. This is the best way of going about this process, rather than just chopping down any tree, so that renewable building resources can keep going, to keep the forests alive, and habitats thriving.

This log home kits known as the Keplar, is a gorgeous, yet simple, log home kits. It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a lovely wrap around outdoor deck. The master bedroom is on the main floor, an ensuite bathroom, and the other bedrooms are on the upper level with their full bathroom as well. The total square footage of the home is 2,204 square feet. The Keplar is a lovely real log cabins for sale that "Natural Log Cabins" built in 2006 for the Keplar family located close to Fort Wayne, Indiana. The peaked roofs in these home cabin kits with the wall in the great room is covered in windows that fit perfectly into space. These allow the surroundings into the log home building and make it feel very connected to nature.

You can see that the logs used in the log home kits are a good size, which is great for the structural integrity of the log home building. You may notice the large overhang of the logs as they are stacked which also makes the log home kits for sale a more durable build and provide some barrier to the rest of the home to protect it from the elements. Log homes are not only a great and sustainable home to buy, but they are also one of the most durable houses you can build. These cabin kits for sale very energy efficient since the thermal mass of the logs is so high, and they make wonderful insulators keep your family warm in the colder months. The logs amazingly act as air filters, by filtering out some of the bad toxins that are in the air, which conventional home builds do not. Over all log homes are amazing, and a wonderful choice of building that will last a lifetime.

This is just one of the real log cabins for sale and log home kits on the "Natural Log Cabins" site. "Natural Log Cabins" is a family owned and operated home cabin kits company based in the state of Michigan in the United States with more than 20 years in the log home kits business. The log home kits company has very high standards when it comes to the building materials they use and are always trying to make sure that they are up to the best quality they can offer for their cabin kits for sale. "Natural Log Cabins" have a very thorough process by which all of their logs go through to include peeling the logs to log home building where they pressure wash the bark off of the logs. There are a wide variety of log homes they provide the logs for as well as log home building kits. *

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