Some Inspiring Log Home Interior Photos with Floor Plans Available

Some Inspiring Log Home Interior Photos with Floor Plans Available

Log homes and cabins are a timeless, practical and economical type of housing that has been being built for centuries. Check out thisGorgeous Log Home MUST SEE Interior & Floor Plans! If you want to be conscious about the environment, and still have a stunning home, log cabins and homes are the way to go. The wood used in most of them comes from sustainable logging plantations that replant all of the logs that have been used and keep the ancient growth forests thriving. With the rise in popularity of log homes and cabins, there are so many places that you can order the pre fabricated log homes and cabins from, and Montana Log Homes makes it easy and as affordable as possible and doesn't spare anything when it comes to quality materials and service.

The designs that Montana Log Homes has, are quite amazing. They are very unique, but still have that very traditional look we all love as well. Plus, they have such a wide variety of homes to choose from, that each different person, would most likely be able to find something that suits them and their family's needs. This particular log home from Montana Log Homes, is classified as the MLH 043 log home, and it would be an awesome home for a larger sized family to live in, or even to use as a recreational property. The home itself is a sprawling 3124 square feet in total, and it has 4 really good sized bedrooms, and 3 and a half bathrooms, with a den. The master bedroom and the den, are all on the main floor of the home, along with the great room and the kitchen. Then, the 3 bedrooms are upstairs, one, having it's own bathroom, and the other two bedrooms share a bathroom.

It's hard not to love the amazing, tall, ceilings and peaked roof with windows filling up every square inch possible, on the front large wall of the log house. The large windows would always be so great to have, since they would provide the space with so much light. The exposed beams are really stunning and add so much character to the place as well, and really show off the beauty of the logs as a building material. The amazing chandelier in the photos shows what can be possible to create with the decor, and adds to the rustic feel of the house.

There is also a great, large deck on the front of the home, as well as on the back too, which would make for an awesome spot to relax out in nature, while still being in the comfort of your own home. Log homes do stay warmer in the winter, much better than any wood framed and drywalled house as well. Logs are known for their resiliency, and strength, and the structures built with them always seem to out last the buildings that are built in a more conventional, and cheap way. The thermal mass of a log home is so much greater than that of a regular, dry wall home too. This means that the logs help to keep the heat in and the moisture and cold air out. Log home kits are a beautiful way to build any home.

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