Solar Powered Gypsy Wagon with Gorgeous Interior

Solar Powered Gypsy Wagon with Gorgeous Interior

This 60 sq. ft. Solar Gypsy Wagon packs a punch, and while its exterior may not show it, it comes with an amazing set of features that can impress even the most gaudy of homeowners.

At 60 square feet, this gypsy wagon made of reclaimed wood may not look much externally, but its features and interior will surely leave you impressed and interested in owning one for yourself. Gypsy wagons, as these trailers are called, are basically tiny homes, but they are designed with wheels so you can move to any location and take them with you. Gypsy wagons are named after the same trailers or mobile homes that gypsies and vagabonds are known to live in, but even if you are not a gypsy yourself, this 60 square feet wagon makes for the perfect moving tiny home.

The 60 square feet solar gypsy wagon, as its name suggests, is solar powered and was designed with one bedroom. It has ample storage space, has some seats and tables for eating and doing work on. Although small, it is actually perfect for off-the-grid and eco-friendly living. If that's the lifestyle you live, this 60 square foot gypsy wagon powered solely by the sun is the best investment for you to make.

According to its designer, Marcus Sisk, this tiny home and gypsy wagon features cypress siding and interior made of cedar wood, stained glass window, operable side windows with hand-made screened window inserts, and a solid bamboo flooring. It may be fastened onto a utility trailer using some Simpson hurricane clips. It is powered by a 100-watt solar power panel with a deep cycle battery. The electrical wiring in this gypsy wagon is prepared for 12 volts DC, but it may also be modified for AC. Indeed, only a genius could design an interesting tiny home and wagon, in one, like this.

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