So, How Did They Do It? How Did This Couple Fulfill Their Log Home Dream?

So, How Did They Do It? How Did This Couple Fulfill Their Log Home Dream?

The Husted Log Make Over 5,017 square feet is the type of log home that dreams are made. The Husted's family came to the Beaver Mountain Log Home company with a log home album of things they would like in their custom built log home, and this is the result. For years, they had envisioned the perfect custom built log home. The Husted's high-pressure business made it especially important to have a good place to escape to, so they chose to extend their dream log home from an existing log cabin on the perfect lakeside property. She wanted a kitchen that was perfect in detail and with modern appliances. She wanted a pampered feel when she walked in the log cabin door. Beaver Mountain Log Homes gave this family everything they dreamed of and more, with a mix of old and new as they created this custom log home design. This log home is a large 5,017 square foot living space, on the main level with 3,562 square feet, and an upper level with 1,455 square feet.

The kiln dried logs from Beaver Mountain eliminated any fear of log shrinkage that additions can often experience. Their dream log home was realized as the design team at Beaver Mountain listened and created what they wanted. Every day is a vacation for the Husted's family when they open the door to their dream log home. Log homes and log cabins have been around for hundreds of years, and it seems that they only keep getting better and better. Whether you want a rustic log cabin or a contemporary log cabin or a mix of both styles, there is something to suit every lifestyle and need. Maybe you just want a small, rustic off-grid log cabin on a piece of property that has been in the family for generations, that can be done. Then there are people who want a log home that uses modern technology and design to mix the old with the new, in a log home design that will take log home living to a whole new level.

There is so much to think about when you are considering a log home build. One of the most important decisions will be the piece of property that your log home or log cabin will sit on. Will it be close to the mountains, or maybe alongside a river or a lake. Then you will have to determine your log home budget, and the log home designer and builder you will be going with. Maybe you will opt for a log home kit, and try your hand at building it on your own. The options are endless.If you are hiring a log home designer and builder, you will want to make sure that they are on the same page as you, regarding what the end results will be. A log home project is one of the most exciting things you will take on, but with that said you want to ensure that it is done properly and that there are no surprises in the end.

Building a log home or log cabin is a special type of build. Logs are a natural building material that is sustainable and renewable so that you can feel good about a green build and promoting a renewable resource. The nice thing about wood is that each piece of wood or log is unique and has a beauty of its own. Each line, knot, and a bit of color only add to your log home build, making it special in every way. Did you know that using logs to build your home can also save your money on your heating and cooling bill? Logs have something known as thermal mass, which means they keep in the warmth in the winter and keep in the coolness in the warmer summer months.

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