So, How Did They Do It? How Did This Couple Build the House of Their Dreams?

So, How Did They Do It? How Did This Couple Build the House of Their Dreams?

There's something about a log cabin that sits at the foot of a mountain, or beside a lake that makes us feel like we are at home, just like this Hooked On Logs: A Cabin In Idaho. This beautiful log cabin set in the foothills of Idaho is a design that offers scenic views and a place to enjoy with family and friends. The story that goes along with this log cabin is inspiring. It's as much about the love of the location that the log cabin sits, as the telling of how the log cabin came to be. Phil and Kate Barker, who are accomplished anglers, first came to the area as newlyweds, when they camped along the Henrys Fork River and loved it so much, they eventually bought a piece of property there. At the time they knew it would take them a long time before they would be able to build a log home of their own. That didn't keep the couple from returning to the location to fish. They found themselves making a trip almost every year, as they dreamed of one day building a log cabin there.

Phil, who is a software engineer, and his wife live outside of San Francisco. Then one year while they were at the Madison River Outfitters in West Yellowstone, they found themselves inspired by the shop that was built out of these beautiful grand logs. They found out the builder was Blair Anderson of Hilgard Log Builders, and Phil asked if he would help them build their dream log home when they were ready. In 2002, they were finally ready to start building their log home. A big part of Phil's dream of building a log cabin vacation home came from his summers spent north of Toronto, where his grandfather had built his log cabin on an island of its own. His grandfather built the log cabin by himself, where he hauled the logs over the ice in the cold of winter.

So when it came time to build his log cabin, Phil wanted to participate as much as possible. Phil was an avid learner throughout the process, and he learned a lot from Anderson on everything from the placing of the stone fireplace to paying attention to the length of logs that were readily available. So with the help of Anderson, together they developed a log cabin plan that would suit the couple's 20-acre piece of property. Located in a cabin subdivision, they had to consider and respect the neighbors so that they would not obstruct each other's views. The log cabin has the dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom on the east side so those rooms could enjoy the sun that comes in the morning. When it came to building the log cabin, they made sure to keep the log cabin size and costs down. The couple wanted a simple log cabin design that would be comfortable for the couple, and their two teenaged children.

Inside the log cabin, they incorporated their love of antiques and used a lot of furnishings that were old, from the door handles, cabinet knobs, and light fixtures. They had fun looking at flea markets, eBay and antique shows to find their treasures. Now that their children are grown, the couple still enjoys their time away at the log cabin. Kate is a member of a local hiking group, but it is still fishing that takes them back. It's all about catching the big wild rainbow trouts. Kate caught one so big that she became a local celebrity, and they gave her a pin that she still wears on her vest for fishing. Phil is hoping she might let him wear it sometime.

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