Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House On Top Of Mountain

Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House On Top Of Mountain

If you want to see an amazing place, check out this Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House On Top Of Mountain! This beautiful off-grid home is owned and was built and designed by pro snowboarder Mike Basich. He wanted his home to emulate who he is and nurture his connection to nature and what he loves to do which is snowboarding. So he scoped out this piece of land and began to manifest his dream home into his current reality! It took about five years to build his home and was worth every moment and bit of hard work that went into it. All the cement was hand mixed and all the stones were carried in. So incredible the amount of work and thought he has put into his lovely home.

The house sits on top of a mountain near Truckee, CA and is on 40 acres of land. Mike basically can hop on his snow board or the chair lift he and some of his buddies made, steps from his front door! That's right he even has a chair lift that you can ride on around his land. He calls it his own resort and that is totally true, it really is a magical place! The house itself is really amazing, it was built around the golden ratio using the codes of nature which are proven to be more in synch with the nature of the human body, therefore better conditions for us to live in. There are also very cool alignments of shadows that happen to all come into sync in a specific place in his house on the time and date of his birthday! I love things like that, so well thought out and so personal to who he is at his core. You will be amazed and inspired when you see the photos and watch the mini documentary on Mike and his beautiful home.

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