Small Underground Houses

Small Underground Houses

So How Cool are these houses and how ever did they get built! We are far more familiar with above ground homes than below ground ones.

What would be the benefits of having an underground house you may ask? The biggest plus is likely the fact that they are highly energy-efficient. Because they are underground, the temperature will remain moderate. This translates into the need to consume LESS energy, and this translates into lower heating and cooling costs.

How would they compare in building costs to an above ground home? They take a lot fewer materials and a totally different building method, so that equals less money to produce. Power can come through an electric solar system and would produce enough for hot water, and running basic appliances. Passive solar systems can be a good choice for these smaller homes, as well as the natural heat from the sun, heats the thermal mass and your mass may be constructed of concrete, blocks or rocks and even a water barrel.

Venting is necessary as this is an underground structure. As seen in the picture you can also have a live growing structure on the outside. This is not only beautiful to the eye, it also serves a purpose as you can have it producing some fresh food.

If you are off-grid and in an area with rainfall, placing rain buckets on top allows a collection of water that can be used in a variety of ways. You will have to be sure to put filters and valves to keep debris from your water supply. Gravity will work with you in this scenario.

What about location and safety of these underground homes? You would be advised to locate where you will get maximum sun for peak periods of time to get the greatest benefits from solar sources. As far as earthquake, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes, you will be very well protected as you snuggle in and weather the storms.

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