Small Log Homes Design Contest | #5 Aspen Meadow by Summit Handcrafted Log Homes

Small Log Homes Design Contest | #5 Aspen Meadow by Summit Handcrafted Log Homes

There are so many gorgeous log homes that have been designed over the years. Here is a Small Log Homes Design Contest, #5 Aspen Meadow by Summit Handcrafted Log Homes is the one we are featuring in this article, and it is a little beauty! Seeing it from the outside this Aspen Meadow cabin just looks like it could be any regular cabin, but when you see more of the layout and floor plan, you see that this cabin has a very unique layout and style all it's own. No wonder this cabin got fifth place in the Small homes design contest! It's a really awesome design!

There is a lot to be said when a designer goes that extra mile to make a house a home, and that they design it around the people who will live in it, not just around current trends. This home has a very interesting shape, but it works so well with the whole flow of the house. The living room, dining room and kitchen area is round, as you will notice, which creates the perfect atmosphere for gathering of family and friends. The roundness of the room is wonderful, creating no corners to close out, but a circle that embraces and includes all.

The master bedroom, other bedroom and the bathroom are all in a separate, square angled area, and it provides them with enough room and privacy from the rest of the house. The patio is super large, running the entire span of the whole side of the house, which would provide for lots of space for any patio like activities and relaxing. This house may be small, but it sure doesn't lack in the design department, the layout makes excellent use of all of the square footage and has so much to offer! Head over to 'My Wood Home Log' by following the link in the description below for more!

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