Small Log Cabins under 1000 SQFT

Small Log Cabins under 1000 SQFT

Building your own log cabin is the dream of many American's and Canadians, even beyond north America; the beauty of a log home appeals to people in Japan, Germany and beyond. If you decide to go ahead and build your own log cabin, you probably know that you will need to spend a lot of time searching on Google for blueprint and design ideas, perhaps even drafting software and more. Alternatively, you could find yourself a suitable log cabin kit. There are a lot of brochures that you can look at on the internet for a great log cabin build it yourself kit. Keep in mind that, building a log home is NOT like building a shed.

A shed is way easier then building a log cabin, so be prepared to do your homework and research the materials and construction methods before you start. Source your logs for cheap. Not all logs are created equally and not all of the places to purchase logs will charge the same price. Some can be a LOT cheaper than others, and since logs are the major resource in building yourself a log home, you will definitely want to do your homework and find a good source for wood.

So, what are the benefits of building yourself a small log cabin? Well, living in a small cabin is cozy, warm as well as relaxing. Aside that it has a prestigious and attractive aesthetic appeal, it is also an energy efficient kind of home. Having a small log cabin would for some not be a maintenance free but it is a romantic choice. Yeah right! It is romantic in a sense that youll have the pleasure to curl up in with a good book on hand while sipping your coffee by the fire. We have located a great resource that will help you greatly in the process of building yourself a log cabin kit, we hope you will enjoy it.

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