Small is Beautiful Tiny House Documentary Preview

Small is Beautiful Tiny House Documentary Preview

If you are in need of some tiny house inspiration, you will want to take a peek at the Small is Beautiful Tiny House Documentary Preview. You can't help but want to watch this movie, and to take a look at what tiny house living is all about. With people talking about freedom from debt, and knowing where everything is when you live in a tiny house, tiny house living certainly sounds appealing.

A tiny house is a home that is a minimum of 320 square feet, and usually under 500 square feet, yes that is small but there are benefits to this type of living, and as you are sure to find out disadvantages to living in a space so small. Like anything there are pros and cons, and this tiny house movie gives you an accurate picture of some of the things that you are looking at when it comes to tiny house living. The tiny house movie follows four people and their tiny house living stories. I still think you will walk away feeling inspired, and questioning what it really means to put so much money into a larger sized house, something that you will be paying off for a good chunk of your life.

This tiny house living documentary came out in April of 2015. You should take a look and see what all the talk about tiny houses is about. The film showcases stories of people who are chasing their own personal freedoms by designing, building, and moving into their own tiny houses. It's a realistic look at what it takes to design, build and to live in a tiny house. You will probably change the way you feel about tiny houses after you see this movie.

In 2010, the average home built in North America was 1,900 square feet. The average bedroom size 150 square feet. That is a lot of house. As houses have grown bigger in size so have our mortgages. With increasing home size is increasing debt, increasing work load and increasing stress. We work long days to pay for these large homes and all the stuff that goes in them. Whether worn out from the financial stress or the strain of having to maintain and care for these homes, many have begun to look for alternative solutions. Some want to downsize their belongings, some their debt. For some it is the pursuit of less stuff, freeing up their time to pursue hobbies and interests long ignored. Whatever their reasons, whatever their dreams, these men and women have sought and found their solution in a tiny house.

Tiny houses are quite often constructed on utility trailers. They are small stick house. How small? A Tiny House is defined as a house under 500 square feet. Picture two of your bedrooms.

What brings people to a place where they decide to downsize so drastically? How do they do it? Why do they do it? What in the world can they possibly fit in a space that small? Does it even look nice? Where do they put these homes? What kind of rules and regulations are there? Are they mobile? Are they permanent? Can you live on the water? Can anyone do this? Can you?

On the Tiny House Talk site you will find this and other tiny house stories that will inspire you and get you thinking about what it is like to live in a tiny house. You might even be looking at the site, as you have finally made the decision to buy a tiny house. Tiny house living can be done full time, for use as a vacation home, as a guest home, artist studio, writers retreat, or even a backyard garden shed. There are many reasons people decide to downsize into a tiny house. Tiny houses come in all sorts of designs from yurts, tiny houses on trailers, gypsy caravans, cob cottages and more.

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