Small Cabin Plans & Turnkey Cabin Kits Starting at Only $35k, Fantastic Find!

Small Cabin Plans & Turnkey Cabin Kits Starting at Only $35k, Fantastic Find!

With amazing yet simple plans scattering around the internet today, it is now easy to build small cabin homes these days. Kits are available everywhere that just doesnt include the materials needed for the cabin but also comes with the plan.

Determining the Size of Your Cabin

Perhaps the initial thing to plan is your cabins number of square feet. This will give you the hint as to how much the material would be. There are a lot of blueprints and websites online that you can use to start your project. These websites will give you an idea where to begin.

Some kits are already assembled partially. If you choose one, you will find it easier to complete the entire construction. Usually, the corners have interlocking notched to ensure the strength and stability of the foundation.

Picking the Ideal Wood

There are elements you need to take into account when choosing the type of wood for your cabin. You want to use a wood thats waterproofed and one that wont moist up when in heat. You would want to build a cabin that can adjust thermoregulation according to the weather. Your woods cost will be your main materials cost so it is essential to determine which wood to choose before construction. You should also decide on the type of windows you want since this plays a vital role in keeping your interior out of the cold while it brings fresh air when its warm.

Small cabins usually have one entrance the front door. You may choose a door that will match your cabins aesthetic design or you can opt for something durable like a steel door. Typically, a small cabin has one bedroom, a living room and a tiny cooking area. These rooms shouldnt be large but should be designed enough to be convenient to up to four people.

Finding Small Cabin Home Plans

Websites like CabinKit and TownandCountryPlans have great plans available for small cabin homes. For instance, a plan available at TownandCountryPlans has 168 sq. ft. and a private porch starting at $24.95 per set. They also have two-storey plans with 378 sq ft on the same price.

If you want an option, the CabinKit offers both the materials and the plans you need enough to construct your own small cabin. A 2-bedroom Betony, for instance, is 884 sq ft with prices range from $43,950 to $50,000. The two-level, on the other hand, has 725 sq ft starting at $36,950 to $42,500.

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