Sleep Among the Trees in an Adorable Mini Castle

Sleep Among the Trees in an Adorable Mini Castle

Who says you have to be of royal blood before you can sleep in a castle? You can experience that without having to go through all the trouble of being a monarch. How? We advise that you visit the Chateaus Dans Les Arbres in France. The enchantment continues when you learn that you can sleep among the trees in an adorable mini castle.

You can relive your childhood dreams of sleeping in a tree house because you can totally rent it for your vacation. Their rates usually start at around $300 a night. We can already tell you that its going to be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life if you happen to go with it.

There are four mini castles built in this tree and can be found in the green Perigord region of France, which is also about a hundred miles outside Bordeaux. If you are planning for some European adventure in the countryside, then this place is just perfect. It will bring you excitement knowing that you will first have to cross a moat, so you could reach these unique cabins. They are very sturdy because each of these tiny castles were built using sustainable wood.

Being in this tree house will make you view the nearby Castle Biron. If the whole design that this space is not enough for you, perhaps its kitchen, bath area with hot tubs and fireplaces will make you not want to go home anymore. Its going to make your childhood fantasy come true of staying in a romantic tree house. Feel like a prince or a princess by visiting this place a soon as possible because we know you wont regret it and it's worth the adventure.

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