Shining Mountain Ranch -Guest Cabins

Shining Mountain Ranch -Guest Cabins

With so many beautiful cabins and log homes all over the country it's easy to be inspired with lots of cabin and country home designs. These "Shining Mountain Ranch -Guest Cabins," really do have to be seen, as they evoke comfort and style in every detail.

The Shining Mountain Ranch Guest Cabins, located in French Creek, Montana is a moved and restored 1860s trapper's cabin, with two added rooms and a porch, providing an amazing guest house on the ranch. They used reclaimed wood, and an old stove found on the ranch, and relocated a number of trees on the property to the cabin site for a perfect setting. This guest ranch cabin doesn't miss a detail, with antler chandeliers, area rugs, antique and leather furnishings, stone fireplace in master bedroom, set amidst a lovely location.

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