She Wraps Bubble Wrap Around a Cake. What She Creates is Stunning

She Wraps Bubble Wrap Around a Cake. What She Creates is Stunning

You will love how "She Wraps Bubble Wrap Around a Cake. What She Creates is Stunning," in this step by step video recipe tutorial. It's so much fun when you learn handy little kitchen tips and hacks like this to bring your dessert recipes to a whole new level.

To start you will need a microwavable bowl, and some pastry chocolate. Then you break up the pastry chocolate into the bowl and temper the chocolate in the microwave in intervals, taking out and stirring each time until the chocolate is melted. Now with your pre iced cake you will take a piece of bubble wrap and size it around the side of the cake so it fits nicely. Then put the piece of bubble wrap down on the kitchen countertop and take your melted chocolate and spread the chocolate evenly over the bubble wrap. Now let the chocolate dry ten minutes before applying to the cake. Now wrap the bubble wrap with the chocolate against the cake, and let chill for ten minutes before removing the bubble wrap. Now slowly remove the bubble wrap from the cake, making sure that the chocolate is sticking to the cake. Now you can fill the top part of the cake with lots of fresh berries from strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, you won't believe how great it looks. Everyone will be talking about it if you bring it to a party, or have guests over.

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