She Bought A Barn From Lowes And Made It Into A Cozy Retirement Home

She Bought A Barn From Lowes And Made It Into A Cozy Retirement Home

People all over the world are being inspired to downsize and move into tiny homes, with valid reasons such as wanting to save money, own their homes outright, have more money to travel and pursue passions. This story about how "She Bought A Barn From Lowe's And Made It Into A Cozy Retirement Home," is so inspiring, and goes to show that all it takes is a dream and some motivation to make things happen.

You will look at the photos of this tiny barn from Lowe's made into a cozy retirement home and be nothing short of surprised and how much the owner has fit into this comfortable and cozy tiny home. Stacy Thompson, a 73 year old woman runs a small business and wanted to be prepared for living on a reduced income in her future. So she decided that with a smaller house, and smaller overhead she would purchase a 192 square foot Lowe's shed (and had help from Better Built Barns to help construct), and built a tiny house in her goat pasture. With the help of the hired contractor friends she turned this little shed into an adorable country tiny home. There are skylights and french doors that bring the light inside, the covered deck on the side offers a whole other living space, where she can sit in the summer and provide shelter for her potted pots in the winter.

The tiny house blends in perfectly with the forest surroundings that also provide shade. The tiny house has a bed downstairs, with a sleeping area upstairs for guest, and possibly a live in caregiver one day. She hopes to stay in her tiny barn as she gets older and avoid living in a nursing home down the road.

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