Seriously Stunning Windows on the Flat Rock Log Home Package for 70K!

Seriously Stunning Windows on the Flat Rock Log Home Package for 70K!

Most log homes and cabins have such beautiful appearances and designs. But check out the Seriously Stunning Windows on the Flat Rock Log Home Package for 70K! This home looks like the typical log homes that you see pretty much everywhere. Especially in Canada. We have a lot of these as cabins, as well as homes. This is a design we all know and love, and we also know that it works. There is nothing wrong with just wanting a typical style log home, rather than trying to make it super different and unique. Sometimes the classics do it best.

The Flat Rock Log Home has the very popular peaked roof and angled walls, with the front facing being all windows. This is such a lovely feature and more homes should take advantage of this concept. The windows allow for a ton of sunlight to come in, so even in the colder winter months, you will be getting some heat from the sun, so long as your windows are facing south. The windows really invite the outdoors in, making you feel like you are constantly out in nature. There are even skylights in this particular home to allow for even more light to pour in.

This home is a total of 1775, which is a perfect size. The home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it great for a family. The upper level has the master bedroom and bathroom on its own level, with a loft as well that could be used for a little studio or office space. The other two bedrooms and bathroom are downstairs at the back of the home, with the laundry and the kitchen. The living room and dining room taking front stage right by the grand large window at the front of the house, the perfect place to relax and hang out. There is also a large 580 square foot deck that wraps around the front of the house, perfect for BBQs and dinners in the summer.

Living in a log home gives you a sense of living closer to nature than if you were to live in a drywall, man manufactured material home and homes built with log and timber stand for decades if they are properly taken care of. Plus, log homes never need to be repainted, which is a bonus, because painting can be so expensive and time consuming. eLog Homes makes it as easy and as affordable as possible, while maintaining their quality materials and service.

You can look at The Flat Rock home and there are plenty of other amazing designs over at eLog Homes which you can access by following the link in the description below for more!

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