Selected Award-Winning House Plans That Can Save You Time and Money

Selected Award-Winning House Plans That Can Save You Time and Money

Imagine living in a tiny cabin like this "Cabin Title 88" somewhere on a beautiful piece of property surrounded by gardens and forests. A tiny cabin like this, located in the stunning location that it is, is inspiring to say the least.

This High Sierra Cabin is 1,018 square feet design, and the plans for a tiny cabin similar to this are approximately $2,750. This lovely two bedroom, bathroom, traditionally styled mountain tiny cabin is designed for all the seasons. This tiny house design was published in Sunset Magazine in August 2006, and was selected for a special award in 2005 the Tahoe Quarterly Awards issue. This tiny cabin is off-grid solar electric, passive solar heating and cooling, solar water heating, SIP construction, fire and vandal proof, loft, and wrap around porch. This is without a doubt a dream tiny cabin, the location can't get much better with lots of forests and scenic views that you can look out at from your wrap around covered porch. The two storey tiny home may not be large in size, but with a view like that who needs to be inside all the time? You can spend lots of time outdoors enjoying cycling, hiking and just relaxing in nature. Inside there is light and bright, with high ceiling that show a loft bedroom/office space, an open living/dining/kitchen area, that uses lots of light wood for the floors and kitchen cabinets, and then lots of white right through to the ceiling lending to the spacious feeling of the tiny home. Inside it feels modern, with its clean lines and use of light colors.

This is just one type of tiny house design that you might consider, if tiny house living is something you may be considering. Tiny house designs are more exciting and more popular than ever, with more designs, styles, sizes and plans than you could imagine. Just when you think you've seen the best tiny house design ever, along comes another one to raise the bar even higher. The same can be said of any house design, there are just so many styles and designs out there, how do you choose just one? When considering the type of tiny home you want to build or live in, you will want to consider several factors, From how much space you need, your budget, what sorts of materials you want to use, the property or location you want to live, and the type of tiny home you want to live in.

For some a tiny house on wheels is the best thing, as it offers them some flexibility if they don't own their piece of property and may have to move in the future. Many people prefer to live more of a nomadic life, not staying in one place too long, and changing the scenery now and again. For others a tiny log cabin surrounded by forest makes the perfect weekend retreat, or even full time residence surrounded by nature in a place you can always enjoy.

When you work with an architect when coming up and designing your tiny cabin or tiny home, you want to work together to bring your vision to life. An architect will tell you that tiny house plans take hundreds of hours to prepare, countless sheets of drawings, expensive engineering and careful detailing to meet the strict building codes and engineering criteria of the various regions they are built. Tiny house plans need to comply with the country's demanding building codes, due to earthquake, wind and snow loads, and in California, the California Building Code.

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