See Why This Log Home is One of The Top Most Inspirational Log Cabins

See Why This Log Home is One of The Top Most Inspirational Log Cabins

Check it out on the web site listed below and you will See Why This Log Home is One of The Top Most Inspirational Log Cabins you could possibly experience. It is in a spectacular location; it is massive in size; it has wonderful window placement; the kitchen is fabulous; and the list of outstanding elements that you will find in this contemporary log home simply continues. This home, built by Montana Log Homes, is hand built by master craftsmen, using specialized skills and knowledge they have built up over 40 years. Every home has the care and attention of someone who knows his or her job and is committed to providing the best possible result. You can be comfortable working with Montana Log Homes Company to design and realize your dram log home. And their log homes are twists on the traditional with plenty of contemporary know-how in the mix.

Montana Log Homes begin with large diameter, dead standing large logs that are gleaned by skilled loggers using chainsaws and other more traditional hand tools. Your logs are carefully hand cut and individually and independently placed wherever they are needed for the best result for your design. This is just one of the ways that Montana Log Homes maintains careful quality control over its workmanship and guarantees you the highest quality construction possible in the industry.

This particular home offers you plenty of space to spread out and enjoy yourselves. The first floor is an open concept of 2,285 square feet. That is plenty of space for a gourmet kitchen that is fully integrated in to the living and entertainment areas. You no longer have to miss out on the fun if you are preparing the food for family and guests. And the kitchen is a dream, with modern appliances, countertops and lighting. Plenty of cabinet space ensures that you can find a place for every piece of kitchen equipment that you own. Upstairs is a loft that over looks the main floor. This gives the unique benefit of being able to get away and yet still stay in contact with others above or below you. The loft is a spacious 1, 179 square feet, with plenty of bedrooms and guest areas. The winding stair case allows you to easily and graciously move between the two spaces.

Bathrooms are huge with walk in, glassed showers, heat lamps and all the accouterments that you need to be comfortable in this space, including double sinks in case two or more people are using the area at the same time. No crowding issues in this home. This entire space speaks of charm, style and grace. You will love this log home, a contemporary style and design that still has old world appeal. Check out the log home soon, and start making your own plans for your custom design home. Find out more about these homes and many others just like it at the website, Montana Log Homes, by following the link below.

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