See Why This Log Home Is Every Ski Lover's Dream

See Why This Log Home Is Every Ski Lover's Dream

The Country Cubco Cedar Home is 2,348 square feet of amazing log home living! The Cubco Cedar log home is a variation on the dream log home that most families bring to Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes. Most people start out with the idea of an addition to a small log ski lodge and find out as they start to express their dreams and vision that starting from scratch would be more satisfying. They wanted enough room for their family and friends. The new cedar log home was custom built to accommodate large groups of skiers and snowmobilers who wanted to experience the Catskills in the winter. The kitchen in this log home sparkles with a large preparation area and an adjoining dining area that are very convenient. You will also find occasional nautical touches inside added by the family to bring a touch of a seaside log resort to the home. The log home has four bedrooms and a recreation area that has additional bunks, so there is always somewhere for guests to sleep.

A couple of nooks are also perfect retreats when it's time to wind down. The two levels of living space in this log home fit the hillside landscape and the family's lifestyle and needs. The design team at Beaver Mountain asked the family what they wanted and what they needed and worked to with them to get the best of both worlds in their new custom built cedar log home. The Cubco is a log home retreat that is the family's ultimate dream even if they didn't realize it until they came to Beaver MountainWhen Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes was created in 1982, they built their business on a foundation of strong family values, a passion for custom-built log homes and a focus on helping to design, produce and build the premier custom-crafted cedar, log and timber homes in the northeast. Their plan was not to be the biggest log home company; they just wanted to be the best. Beaver Mountain has a tradition of craftsmanship that spans three generations and over 70 years, with a commitment to excellence. The company enjoys building custom log homes that their customers can be proud of. Their family values influence their entire company with their goal to always do the right thing and to provide outstanding customer service. Today, they are proud to have over 2,000 happy log homeowners and clients, resulting in many long-lasting relationships, and they are extremely proud that most of their business are the result of referrals. They are the Northeast's premier custom-built cedar, log and timber frame homes for over 33 years.

On their site, you will find custom-crafted log homes that use builder-friendly cedar, log and timber frame log homes with limitless design and product options including green, eco-friendly and energy efficient building options.A traditional timber-framed log home is the type of building method that uses heavy squared off and precisely fitted and joined timbers with joints that are joined by large wooden pegs. Timber frame post and beam construction are popular in wooden buildings that were built from the 19th century and earlier. This type of building method comes from constructing homes out of logs and tree trunks without the use of more high-tech saws that cut timber from the material stock that is started with. This building technique found farmers and artisans using adzes, axes, and draw knives to build.

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