See Why This Little Cottage Has a Rating of 4.9 Stars

See Why This Little Cottage Has a Rating of 4.9 Stars

Piedmont Cottage is more than just a cottage. At just 240 square feet, located in Portland, Oregon, this tiny cottage is a modern take on the classic mother-in-law suite and is available as a tiny house vacation rental unit on AirBnB that offers an economical alternative to staying in a hotel or motel in the city.

A mother-in-law suite is typically a secondary unit or accessory suite and is an urban planning term used mainly in North America for an additional and/or separate dwelling unit on a property that would normally only accommodate one dwelling unit. It is considered a form of guest accommodation that can either be completely detached, as in a guesthouse, or attached to the primary residence for easier access. If attached, mother-in-law suites often involve some shared spaces with the primary residence. The Piedmont Cottage is completely detached in its own little 300 square foot footprint. Although it is technically considered a studio (which is one room), the extra 70 square feet of sleeping space in the loft, the vaulted ceilings and the private bath space combine to make this cottage seem much larger than it actually is.

Piedmont Cottage is in an older neighborhood in North Portland and is a small backyard cottage that is used as a vacation rental unit. It likely started its life as a single car garage (besides the overall size and proportions of the building, the large glazed opening in the narrow end is a give-away and takes advantage of the original garage door opening). The interior layout is typical of a studio floor plan with a sleeping loft over the kitchen and a bathroom at one end of the open living area. This little cottage packs all the punches with exposed wood beams, a custom metal loft railing and ladder and striped bamboo floors. The kitchen is even equipped with a mini fridge, cooktop and microwave oven, making it fully functioning and more appealing than the typical city hotel or motel room (plus, you dont have to worry about any loud, obnoxious guests in the next room since youre in your own little space).

This little cottage has a rating of 4.9 stars, from 39 separate reviews. It is listed as your cozy landing pad for rest and relaxation in between your Portland adventures! It is in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to everywhere you want to go with the run being right outside your front door (and Jamie, the owner, is available to greet you and give you some neighborhood and city pointers). Literally, located directly across the street from Piedmont Cottage is the Historic Peninsula Park Rose Garden. This cottage also shares a Zen garden, complete with a pond, waterfall, rustling bamboo, and a custom rock wall fire pit. This space is within walking distance to the Max line, bus line and just blocks from the freeway for easy downtown access. It is also only 20 minutes from the airport. Also included with your stay is WIFI, A/C, washer/dryer, a DVD player, coffee/tea, soap/shampoo/conditioner and soaking salts for the beautiful clawfoot tub.

At just $133 CAD per night ($75 USD), Piedmont Cottage is the perfect little get-away that doesnt take you too far out of the way for a night of rest and relaxation. It is also the perfect opportunity to test your tiny home living skills to see if tiny home living might just be for you. The owners wont sell, but the world is full of opportunities for those who wish to live simply in a smaller space.

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