See How One Tasteful Detail Can Bring Your Home to a Whole New Level

See How One Tasteful Detail Can Bring Your Home to a Whole New Level

This "Mountain Devil Lodge Exterior" is stunning, it draws you right into the photo and you can't help but want to know more about this beautiful place. When it comes to log homes, it all in the details, there is already something special about log homes, but when you add an outdoor patio space such as this, it brings the log home to a whole new level.

This Mountain Devil Lodge Exterior space is perfect in every way. The use of stonework on this patio is what really sets this patio apart from any other outdoor patio you will see. This log home outdoor patio space has the most amazing outdoor fireplace that goes right up through the roof, most likely the stones were taken from the property, which make the fireplace all the more stunning, what better spot to sit in a cool fall day, or winter day than in front of this beautiful stone fireplace. Then to make this outdoor patio even more amazing you have a barbecue that is surrounded by the same stone that the patio fireplace is made of. The whole patio and some of the house is built with the same stone as the fireplace which really just adds to the appeal of the whole space. The cedar shake roof and exposed log beams make this outdoor patio even more inviting. This is without a doubt an outdoor patio space that would get a lot of use.

This rustic log cabin site shares a love of rustic cabin life through photos and art that have collected been collected along the way. On this site you will find plenty of log home inspirations and ideas from lakeside log cabins, countryside log cabins, log cabin great rooms, antique country stoves, rustic log cabin kitchens, log cabin porches, lakeside campfires, nature inspired paintings, log cabins, marshmallows roasting over campfires, antique wood stoves, stone fireplaces, log cabin patios, spiral staircases, rustic homesteading cabins, rustic log cabin painting, stone fireplaces, log lodges, tiny log cabins, log furniture, horses, log cabins and log homes from all over the world, and plenty of country inspirations. There's something about a rustic log cabin that for many inspire comfort and a longing for a simpler time, perhaps when you were younger and you used to spend time at a log cabin on the lake, or a mountainside log lodge that the family went skiing at.

There are a number of different logs home styles that are used to build log houses. From sawn logs that are logs that are all cut to a certain width. Milled logs, which are manufactured logs to all have the same appearance and size. Handcrafted logs, that are logs that look similar to their original appearance when they were trees, except for being peeled of their bark. Whatever type of log home style you decide to go with it is sure to look good, as log homes are one of the most popular types of homes to build, they have proven to be durable and comfortable homes over the years.

A great way to decorate log homes, log cabins or log chalets is with log furniture. Log furniture is just simply as the name implies furniture that is made out of logs. You will find log furniture designed couches, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables and more. Log home furniture can make a log home that much more cosy and enduring, with a variety of log furniture designs and styles available from modern to rustic and more. Some log furniture will have the bark removed while other pieces will leave it on.

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