See How Easily You Can Build a Tiny House in a Single Day

See How Easily You Can Build a Tiny House in a Single Day

This "Brigadoon Bungalow in a Box" takes all the worry out of building a tiny home, and offers a tiny home kit that is easy to construct in just one to two days. The Brigadoon Bungalow tiny house is 12 feet by 24 feet in size, with a kitchen area, a covered porch and an open living and dining area. This is the perfect tiny house space for use as a guest house, for vacationing or as a tiny house backyard studio space. You'll want to take a look on the site to get a closer look at this great tiny house space.

The founders Raoul and Vicki Hennin, married in 1994, and quickly set about building their own timber frame, panelized home along with several small buildings for friends and neighbors. By 1996, Raoul had adapted a variety of building methods into a new construction technique. He built his first official Panel-Framed structure during the winter of 2001. Raoul has over 30 years experience building authentic timber frame homes, bringing his classic timber freaming skills to tiny house design and construction. Raoul has a physics degree from Harvard College, he custom designs and engineers each tiny house for optimal use of materials and space. Before delivery of your tiny house bungalow on site, the building components are crafted in the Bungalow Barn. The assembly techniques of the tiny house are quick, efficient and fun Typically it takes between one and two days to build a tiny house Bungalow instead of one or two weeks of conventional construction. Bungalow in a Box has all sorts of sizes and plans of tiny house kits to choose from. From the pond side studio to the mountain retreat, these tiny home kits have even been seen on HGTV!

What would you use a tiny house space for? Tiny houses aren't just for full time living, you can use them for what you want, whether it be for a gardening shed in the back of your property, a writers cabin, artist studio or for a tiny house vacation home, it is up to you. With so many tiny house designs to choose from, you are sure to find something to suit you and your needs.

What is it about tiny houses that we love so much? Could it be that they are just like their larger counterparts, but just squished into a cute tiny house package? Whatever the reason is, we just can't get enough of the tiny house designs, styles and plans that we keep seeing all over the place. If you didn't think to much of tiny houses in the past, you may just feel yourself daydreaming about the small house designs you've lately seen. A tiny house is a return to living in smaller sized homes, which typically means living in a house that is less than 1,000 square feet. One popular type of tiny houses is tiny houses on wheels, a modern version often compared to RV living. Downsizing into a tiny house can be a way to save money on heating, taxes, maintenance, building costs, and repair costs. For many people buying a tiny house or building a tiny house, means that they can afford to own their tiny house outright, and in doing that they can afford to do more of the things they enjoy from traveling, pursuing hobbies and passions. With names like gingerbread cottages, cob cottages, beach shacks, tree houses, houseboats, modular homes, prefabricated homes, solar powered homes, wind powered homes, off grid tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels and more, there is lots to think about.

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