See How Easily You Can Acquire Extra Housing at a Reasonable Price

See How Easily You Can Acquire Extra Housing at a Reasonable Price

Have a look at this great small cabin! The number of prefabricated log cabins out there just seems to be increasing more and more all the time. Like this Cabin Title 1 from Storage Solutions, a manufacturer of small log structures. Storage Solutions offers a variety of different log buildings at great, affordable prices, with wonderful quality. Many people are opting to build a smaller cabin or guest home in their own back yard, much like this cabin, you see here. This is one of Storage Solution's Cabins that can come with a loft or with out a loft, and it can be used as a small cabin, a house to live in or a games room.

There are various reasons as to why someone would want to build a small log cabin in their back yard even. People often times will use them as a home office building, or as a studio for craft making, sewing, doing art, making jewelry or pottery, or maybe even as a music studio. Some people will also use them as a home gym, and put in all of the work out gear so they can exercise in the comfort of their own home. These types of structures have also been known to be used for guest suites, fro when family comes to visit, or as a little rental suite that can be rented out to travellers or to tenants, monthly. Some are used as a little back yard retreat, where it is basically just another room that is detached from the main house. It would be perfect for if you just need another room for your home but don't want to have to change the whole design of your house. As they say on their website, some people even live in them as a tiny home. There are no limits, you use it how you want to.

This nice little log cabin would be perfect for any of the above, and comes as a package that you assemble yourself. There are also different sizes available. Without a loft, the cabin can be ordered in a 10 by 16 size, all the way up to 14 by 30 size. The ones with a loft can be ordered in 10 by 20, 12 by 28, or 14 by 28. So you can see that you have many options to choose from right there. As you can see from the photos, this is a very simple cabin, there really isn't too much to it, so it would be a wonderful and affordable structure that could be put up in no time at all. The project could also be done by you and another person, rather then having to find contractors. The cabins come with a metal door with dead bolt locks on it, and windows also usually come with log cabin kits. This cabin can even have a nice little porch on the front of it, perfect for one of their wooden swings!

The ceilings are really nice and high, so that also helps to make the space appear to be larger. The loft would be a great option if this were to be a home. The loft area in tiny homes is where you can sleep, or works great for extra storage. The cabin even looks really cute from the outside, and could be painted another colour if the owner so chooses. These cabins are made out of one of the more sustainable building materials on the market today, so you will feel good about living in a structure built with logs. This is because the logs come from sustainable log farms, making them a eco friendly choice when it comes to building materials. Log home building kits are a wonderful way to build a cabin or any other structure you may want. Storage Solutions also makes gazebos, small barns, utility sheds, garages and storage sheds.

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