See How a Young Family Built a Cheap and Beautiful Home out of Shipping Containers

See How a Young Family Built a Cheap and Beautiful Home out of Shipping Containers

It's always inspiring to hear stories about how a young family builds 4028 shipping container home. In these days when everything costs so much, it's nice to see people being creative and taking things like building a tiny house into their hands. On the 40x28 Building Our Shipping Container Home site, you get to follow along as a young family builds their shipping container home. Brook, Ryan, and little Soleil are the tiny family behind the site and somewhere back in 2013, they started to build the first used shipping container home in Asheville, North Carolina. They purchased and prepared their land. Cut torched and welded together two steel rectangular crates into a house shape. Then they hunted down recycled, refurbished, low cost and free construction materials. Then they completed mastered the ultimate do it yourself project building their first tiny home! Well done!They used the positive support of their followers as fuel for their joyful adventure. On the site there are plenty of photos to take you through every step of their amazing do it yourself tiny house build. It's an inspiring story and one that may have you considering the same thing yourself!

After purchasing the land, the next step was that of getting the shipping container. So in August of 2013, their shipping container adventure began. So they started by having to make sure that the big truck with the shipping container would fit down their street, it did. So the shipping containers will be able to be placed. One recommendation from one of the truck drivers was to cut one of their 40-foot shipping containers in half offsite, as they would be charged an hourly wait for the crane to be on site, regardless if they are working or not. All the things you learn along the way can be valuable lessons later on.

Once the shipping containers are on site, you have to consider things like the floors and the insulation, apparently the floors need to be replaced, and you'll want to paint with healthy nontoxic paint (there seem to be some unhealthy lead finishes in these shipping containers made in China). This couple opted for insulating with Icynene foam that is sprayed against the interior metal, and then two by 4's will be put in place. For this particular shipping container home, the two by 4's are more for structure stabilization and about giving them beams to nail their walls into. Important tip, only the walls that make contact with the outside world must be insulated and have interior walls added. So all the other walls will remain corrugated metal with some sealant/paint to take care of the lead issue.

Then after the two by 4s comes the batt insulation. This insulation usually comes rolled up and ready to roll out, so that's nice. You've got a few different options such as fiberglass the pink fluffy stuff, mineral wool, plastic fibers and natural fibers. With rock wool insulation, it does it yourself and relatively inexpensive. After the batt is rolled out and in place, the walls can be added. The site follows the couple through every step of their tiny house building journey, it's so insightful, and offers up so many ideas and suggestions of what not to do, and things to do. The photos help, and it's a fun read. It makes you feel like if this couple is building their tiny house. Why can't I? You'll want to take a look.

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