See How a Useless Old Barn Was Converted into a Charming Guest Cabin

See How a Useless Old Barn Was Converted into a Charming Guest Cabin

This is "A Handcrafted Rustic Guest Cabin" that is tucked away among the redwood, oak and buckeye trees in Southern California. This tiny house space replaced a small barn that had previously stood in the location behind the owners house. The old barn was beyond repair so Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture and Design used it as inspiration and designed a new tiny cabin and garage that would fit the areas rural character.

Reclaimed wood was salvaged from the barn and used for siding on the new tiny guest cabin. The tiny cabins interior features wood finishes and custom cabinetry, all which was handcrafted by artist Scott Constable. The reclaimed wood, was mostly salvaged from deodar cedar, and came from sustainable local sources. This tiny guest cabin is actually on a separate legal lot apart from the main house. Because of that, the local government required that the tiny cabin be treated as an independent dwelling, complete with its own kitchen and two covered parking spaces. The architects who designed the tiny cabin separated the parking from the cabin, designing a one car garage that looks more like a stable, and added a trellis on one side for the second parking space.

The cabin has a 714 square foot floor plan that steps down with the terrain. At the low end of the tiny house is the living room, with vaulted ceilings and large windows that give a sense of spaciousness. The tiny house kitchen and dining areas, are a couple of steps up, and have a lower ceiling for a more intimate feeling. The dining space is a cozy nook with built-in seating and storage, also designed and built by Scott. A few more steps brings you to the bedroom and bathroom at the far end of the cabin.

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