See How a Michigan Couple Gave New Life to an Old Fishing Log Cabin

See How a Michigan Couple Gave New Life to an Old Fishing Log Cabin

A rustic fishing log cabin has no trouble angling for charm. A Michigan couple gives new life to a quaint fishing cabin on Lake Michigan. When Kay Root was a young girl, she and her family spent their summers at Northern Michigans Bay View, on Lake Michigan. When they would drive into town, the family would always drive by a cute little fishing cabin in nearby Harbor Springs. To Kay, the log cabin seemed like a magical place, and she would imagine what it was like inside. Years later, Kay and her husband were living just a couple of miles from her magical cabin. One day they were driving by the lob cabin and noticed an 'open house' sign in the front yard. So her husband stopped the car, and Kay was able to look inside. She didn't expect to see plush wall-to-wall carpets in the main living room area, along with linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom floors. With that said she could still see the potential of the log cabin. So they decided to buy it, fix it up and then rent it out. So they took on the log cabin of removing, refreshing and refurbishing.

The log cabin had built in 1935, had been just one big room. Later on, partitions were added to have separate rooms. Plumbing, a stacked washer, and dryer, and a dishwasher added later on. As much as the couple appreciated the modern conveniences of the log cabin, their main goal of the log cabin remodel was to restore the log cabins natural charm. So the first thing to go was the plush carpet. Kay was hoping to find beautiful pine floors underneath the carpeting, but that wasn't the case. Instead they found splintered, deteriorated, floors and a hole in the middle of the room where a potbellied wood stove once sat. The couple insulated beneath the floor and then laid down new honey-colored knotty-pine floors.They wanted the log cabin to stay true to its era, so they decided not to disturb the original cedar logs. They also left the claw foot bathtub in the bathroom untouched. Another thing they didn't change was the unique exterior door-locking system, which has you pulling a leather string from the outside to lift a lever on the inside that enables the door to open.

In the kitchen of the log cabin, they painted the oak cabinets hunter green and installed a hanging pot rack above the counter that frees up some storage space. In log cabin's family room, the couple mounted two wall sconces and removed the bulky built-in cabinetry that took up floor space. They also replaced the bathrooms oversized sink with a smaller one. They winterized the log cabin and brought the electrical up to code. They also installed storm windows, replaced and insulated the log cabins roof, added central air-conditioning, and redecorated and refurnished the log cabin interior to feel warm and inviting.

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