See How a Century Old Log House Was Rebuilt into an Amazing Dance School

See How a Century Old Log House Was Rebuilt into an Amazing Dance School

You'll want to read the story of how one log home owner rebuilt his log home into the DanceLife Retreat Center: Real Log Home. This log cabin story offers up a bit of New England history that you might find interesting. The state boasts some of the most beautiful and historic architecture in the country. It also is the home to a turn of the century estate that was originally owned by the Balfours. If you aren't sure of who the Balfours were, you might have an idea if you own any class ring or military ring. Because there is a good chance it came from Balfour. Well, if you own a class ring or a military ring, there is a high probability that it came from Balfour. So then your next question might be, what does this have to do with log homes or log cabins? This is where the story of the DanceLife Retreat Center log home comes in because the Balfours used to own a log home estate and working the farm that was located in Norton, Maine. That log home was purchased and rebuilt by Rhee Gold, as the DanceLife Retreat Center.

The log home project was meant to be used as both his primary log home residence along with being a place where dance teachers and dance school owners could gather, relax and grow in a place and home away from home type of atmosphere. Gold's original vision for his log home retreat center was a Cape Cod style log cottage community, but when he saw a for sale sign just miles from where he was living in Massachusetts, he had no idea at the time that his original vision was about to be transformed. He fell in love with the rustic and natural feel of the logs in the log structure that was there and had he hoped to restore them. After a lot of research and work, he realized that the building would have to be completely rebuilt. So he chose to work with Real Log Homes Independent Representative, C.M. Allaire & Sons.

There is a lot that goes into a log home rebuild, plenty of research, thought and talking to people to make sure your log home vision comes to life. Rhee was able to keep and restore the two original fireplaces in the log home, one built in the 1930s and the other from the 1960s, so that was great. As rebuilding rather than restoring, gave him a greater amount of flexibility during the log home design process. And since the purpose of the dance center was to focus on dance, at least one room in the log home rebuild had to be long and wide with ceilings that had to be cathedral. Ceilings that had to be at least 15 feet, so that the dancers would be able to move freely and to perform lifts without the fear of hitting the ceiling. The log home rebuild also needed to have a more intimate log home space where training, demonstrations, and general gathering could happen. The scissor trusses you can see in the photos make for an inspirational and beautiful space.

The dance center would also be Rhee's log home, so it was important to have cozier areas that gave enough separation and distinction between that of the retreat center and the areas where Rhee could feel at home. The log home rebuild accomplished his vision in a spectacular way.It's always interesting to see how a log home rebuild comes together, all the planning and preparation that somehow bring your ideas to life. In the end, this log home rebuild became a beautiful place where dancers can come together in a space that is both inspiring and feels like home.

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