Sea Ranch Cabin is Even More Beautiful on the Inside!

Sea Ranch Cabin is Even More Beautiful on the Inside!

To live in a forest is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be knowledgeable of your surroundings, especially when it comes to the issue of security. You dont know if there are wild animals residing in the area, so you should be prepared at all times and guarantee that your shelter could handle any wildlife situation or possible attack from bears, foxes and the like. You will need a house built for this kind of atmosphere, so it can be helpful to contact someone who knows exactly how to deal with these matters. Let us introduce to you a design firm from Oakland named Frank/Architects comes in handy.

Their work on this cabin located in a California redwood forest is the perfect example of how a cabin should be built in this kind of setting. The firm collaborated with 2 other talented designers who are Donlyn Lyndon and Richard Whitaker. The location is filled with vertical wooden boards that reflect the tree trunks outside the cabin. The area is already known to be remote, so theres no need to make it more private. And since thats the case, the architects made the inside of the cabin open to see more of the outside view using a number of huge glazed openings.

Double-height and nearly floor-to-ceiling glass panels are the features responsible for making the living room open not just for you to witness the gorgeous view of the redwood forest, but to also experience the sun entering the interior of the cabin during the day. The glass panels also create this illusion that the inside area is still a part of the remote forest. The whole Mother-Nature-vibe was even made stronger when the architects used cylindrical tree trunk-like columns as a foundation to the beams that are inside this space.

There is more to it than just a simple remote cabin in Sonoma County's Sea Ranch community. Find out more details about it on the website 'Inhabitat' below.

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