Save Money with this $19,000 Small House Kit

Save Money with this $19,000 Small House Kit

This log cabin kit from Lillevilla Log Cabins is a great way to save money with this $19,000 small house kit! There are times in our lives when we need to unwind. Yes, we need a break. Amidst all the paper work, late night shifts, early morning meetings and overtime. We need to stop and think about packing our things up and bringing our guitar somewhere, a place like this tiny log cabin.

Whether you play it already or are wanting to take the time to learn how, a log cabin on a beautiful piece of property is a good place to start. You want to go somewhere far from the city, forget about work for awhile, and contemplate about lifes wonders and appreciate the beauty of nature. This would be the moments when the only thing you want to hear is the birds chirping, the wind against your face and the sound of leaves rustling. Makes you want to go right now, doesn't it?

Of course, you can't just go somewhere without a place to stay. Maybe you already have the land or are considering purchasing a piece of paradise. The though of a log cabin vacation home is certainly intriguing. This log cabin kit by Lillevilla is 292 square feet in size plus a spacious loft for sleeping. This allows plenty of room to stay comfortably. You could use this log cabin as a summer house, home office, guest house or garden shed. Adding utility hookups can turn this log cabin into a full time residence. Assembly takes about 12 hours with two adults working on it. Minimal tools are needed to build this log cabin and it comes with step by step instructions. Or if you don't want to build it yourself you can hire someone to do it for you. This log cabin was built in Finland, and is available in other great log cabin designs that can suit any lifestyle and need.

Lillevilla log cabins is a family run business who's aim is to bring to the benefits of owning a high quality and environmentally friendly log cabin to people in the United Kingdom. Lillevilla log cabins are a high quality log cabin that is designed and purchased from Finland. They are a log cabin company that does not concentrate on cheap prices as this generally reflects on inferior log cabin products and they believe in producing something that is good quality. They stock a large range of log cabins that are kept in their warehouse in the UK ready for shipment in as short as possible time.

The log cabins from Lillevilla log cabins are so popular because they are a quality log cabin product, that is made out of durable, dense, slow grown timber, that is built with highly advanced automation that guarantees great quality at very competitive prices.They listen to their customers and recognize their needs. Quality log cabins, that are affordable, with excellent customer service are what people want. You will want to take a look at their site and see all the log cabins sizes, plans and styles that are available.

You will find a wide variety of log cabins, tiny homes and sheds for sale. You will find new and used log cabins, and log cabin kits available for sale located all over the country at a variety of prices to fit every budget of home buyer. Tiny log cabins can be used for full time living, as a log cabin vacation home, guest house, artist studio or writers retreat, the options are endless.

A little log cabin can make you feel so calm and peaceful. With all the hectic schedules and emotional exhaustion, a perfect small house made of wood would be ideal. For once in your busy life, pause, take a deep breath and allow yourself to think about life in your very own log cabin!

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