Safe and Secure. Fenced and Gated Cabin.

Safe and Secure. Fenced and Gated Cabin.

The internet is a great resource for inspiration and to find help answering your tiny house, and small house questions and inquires, with no shortage to the amount of information, photos and articles you can find. This "Safe and Secure. Fenced and Gated Cabin," tiny house for sale, is something to get you thinking.

This cute tiny house located in Greenbush, Maine is a nice place to use as a weekend home or vacation spot. The 300 square foot tiny house with one bedroom, and one bathroom, has a front porch, stainless steel fridge and oven, storage shed, and full basement. The tiny house has new electric, insulation, flooring, and kitchen. This tiny house is in a gated compound providing security and comfort. The tiny house is located at the end of a paved town road, with more land available for purchase. The price of this great tiny house is $49,500. The site also has several photos to get a better look.

The Tiny House Listings website is a great resource for all your tiny house, and small house questions and inquiries. On the tiny house site, you can browse through the tiny houses for sale, all over the United States, look at tiny houses, prefab houses, small house plans, tiny house parking, tiny house workshops, tiny house resources, and a tiny house blog. There is good reason that tiny houses are becoming more and more popular, never have there been so many designs, styles and tiny house plans then there are today. There are different reasons people make the move to tiny houses, the biggest one is being able to purchase your tiny house outright, and having more money to put away for retirement, and to afford the life you want, to do things like travelling, hobbies and to pursue your passions.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Tiny House Listings," website.

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