Rustic Outdoor Dining Area

Rustic Outdoor Dining Area

I had always loved that tree in the back yard. It always provided the perfect amount of shade, the leaves whispered in the wind, and the trunk was perfect to lean against to enjoy a good book. It was there when we bought the place, standing tall and majestic. It was one of the deal sweeteners, as a hammock in the back yard or a swing to lazily sway in was on our "must-have list". I wasn't sure the type, maybe oak, maybe... It was so tall and wide, it looked ancient and wise. Animals loved the tree too. You would see birds in the branches and squirrels leaping across dizzying heights, grasping the thin branches with their tiny hands, making their death-defying acrobatics seem easy.

I got the call while we were on vacation. The neighbor called. There was a storm. Our house was ok. Our backyard, well... It suffered some damages. The tree, our lovely old tree, had been blown over, and uprooted, crashing down and destroying our fence between us and the neighbors, ending up on the city property. The neighbor said the crews would be there two days after we got back home, to remove the wood and take it away. I was torn. How much damages? The entire fence? Where are they taking the tree? What were we returning home to?

When we finally go back home, the sight in the backyard still looked like a disaster had struck. The erosion had been eating away at the earth around the root structure and when the fierce winds hit, that old huge majestic tree couldn't support it weight with the earth left around its roots and toppled over. It was sad, but the neighbors offered to split the fence repairs, and the city was going to reimburse us for damages and take away the tree. I didn't want them to take it away. I wanted to repurpose it. Re-use it. Maybe use parts of it in our home somehow. I went online to research reusing wood, check the news and to randomly surf the internet.

I came across Beautifulism Blogspot and stopped, staring at all the wonderful things until I came across this picture. This is what I wanted. A big family- style backyard table. With a natural patina, and a soft smooth bark. I wanted the natural hues and the thick sturdy feel to sit and eat on. I wanted the tree to become part of our home again. We told the city workers, who gently cut the tree up into the parts we needed, employed a few woodworking student and got our elbows "greasy" and went to work making a grand table for our family, and maybe future generations to use. There are so many beautiful photos at the link below to the Beautifulism Blogspot. I dare you to not be inspired! I really loved that tree, now we get to enjoy it in another way.

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