Rustic Log Swings

Rustic Log Swings

Are you in the midst of decorating your log cabin? Need a special bench or love seat for the back yard or maybe even your front porch? How about one of these lovely rustic log swings displayed on A Community of DIY Peoples website? Who doesnt love a swing on a beautiful summers evening? This gorgeous one-of-a-kind lawn furniture is appealing to adults and kids alike!

Log cabins have been around for a dogs age, and their history is as rich as it is long. Early North American pioneers originally built them in wooded areas, where they would not have to haul timber very far to construct them. Over the years, they have become a powerful metaphor of independence, self-sufficiency, and freedom - especially since just after the American Civil War, when log cabins provided those travelling Westward with relatively easy-to-build homes. People were just emerging from a tumultuous time, and the log cabin offered a sense of both safety and freedom. The construction of log homes peaked in the late 19th century, but then slowly began to fade out in North America but it never completely disappeared. And now, interest in them is growing again. They are becoming more and more popular for their visual beauty as well as their practicality as many seek out less expensive, simpler, and healthier ways in which to live.

People are building logs cabins not only to live in, but also to rent out, or as guest houses, or even as mini backyard gyms, art studios, saunas, therapy rooms, and playhouses. There are just so many different things you can do with a log cabin! And decorating one isnt as difficult as you may think, especially with great ideas like these beautiful rustic log swings.

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