Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches Crock Pot Version

Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches Crock Pot Version

Mommy's kitchen is a food blog that is full of recipes that will make your mouth water. This recipe for a root beer pulled pork sandwiches, the crock pot version, is sure to fit the bill! Sometimes you need a big dose of comfort food, especially once the cold weather strikes. Although, you don't need cold weather to enjoy this delicious meal, you can really enjoy it any time of the year because it's just that good! It would make a really great BBQ food for those days when you have the extended family and friends over. It's really quite easy to put together, and even easier to eat, of course! This would even be a wonderful recipe for any week night as well. It is a recipe the whole family could be able to agree on most likely. Pulled pork is definitely a favourite for people all over North America, and now some restaurants are even starting to make pulled chicken as well, for those who don't eat red meat. This pulled pork, made in a crock pot looks so delicious, like it would be so easy to eat. That scrumptious, melt in your mouth meat, that has such an amazing sauce on it. These sandwiches would be amazing with a little bit of coleslaw on them too, and that way you can get in some vegetables too!

The woman behind the Mommy's Kitchen blog, is from Texas, and all of her meals are reminiscent of the good old fashion comfort foods you would expect from a Texas mama. Get ready for some big decisions on her site though, because it's going to be difficult to choose which one to make next! But start with this one for your next big dinner, you and your family or guests will be so grateful you did! With only 8 ingredients and a bit of love, you will be on your way to pulled pork heaven. Of course, with crock pot recipes you need to wait some time, so while it is incredibly simple, it does require a bit of planning. You do need 5-7 hours total for this to cook, but since you just throw in all the ingredients, the hardest part will be waiting, and smelling all of the amazing aromas percolating in the crock pot!

Rootbeer is the secret ingredient that takes this recipe to the next level, and with some saucy BBQ sauce, everyone will love the root beer pulled pork sandwiches. The root beer helps to tenderize the meat, and it doubles as a way to make the meat nice and juicy and sweet in flavour. Who can resist that?! All you have to do is find the perfect buns for this pulled pork to go on top of, or maybe you can even make some of your own, if you really want to impress! I hope you enjoy these no matter what occasion you plan to make them for, and be sure to leave a comment on her site to let her know how great they are. If you want the full recipe then just click on the link below to get redirected to the "Mommy's Kitchen" website today.

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