Rio Grande: Towable Tiny Living, Supersized

Rio Grande: Towable Tiny Living, Supersized

The Rio Grande gives you the feeling of 'living big in a tiny living space. The tiny house is built on a 32 foot long gooseneck trailer, so as far as tiny houses go, this is a mansion! The floor plan gives you 218 sq.ft. of main floor space and there is a 70 sq.ft loft. This place is finished in a variety of wood types, textures and colors offering a very warm ambiance to the home. Rock collected by the owner have been inlaid in the counter-tops, there is a bathroom with tub, a beautiful kitchen with all the modern conveniences marrying re-claimed rustic building materials with stainless steel new. Such a beautiful mix!

When designing your interior, all the details you place will add up to create the 'feel' of your home. Some details you will include are barely noticeable and blend in perfectly, others intentionally draw attention to themselves and perform their task, such as the inlaid rock work in the counter top. In design, there are so many variables. You do want to make your space feel like 'your' home. Its the personal things you place that do make a place feel special. A home is more than just a shelter.

It should also be a place of inspiration that says something about you. A home filled with details offering personal expression will be a reflection of who you really are. A tiny home offers you the opportunity to create a space that the detailing is more affordable, just because you have less space that will need to be worked with. If you take a 2000 square foot home and just think about what it is going to require to finish it, even for those that have unlimited resources, the task is large! So when you are only needing to finish a small place like the Rio Grande, you can take the opportunity to really make it into a very lovely home that you feel comfortable and super happy within it.

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