Richardson Architects Tiny House

Richardson Architects Tiny House

You'll want to see this "Richardson Architects Tiny House," it's a beautiful design that will make you reconsider tiny house living. This tiny house has a lot of character that makes it a must see design your sure to fall in love with.

This tiny house designed by Richardson Architects is bursting with color and cheerfulness. You'll love the huge rustic styled porch with its lovely chalk board to writer out the daily menu and cozy wooden chairs made of recycled materials. The interior of this beautiful tiny house has two bathrooms and double bedrooms with a small whimsical kitchen wall and dining area. Non corrosive and wear resistant material were used for the construction, which includes galvanized sheet metal, painted plywood and MDO board and sealed boards. The tiny house is located on the Point Reyes Peninsula along the picturesque Norther California coast.

Tiny house living is becoming more and more popular, with people all over the country downsizing from their large houses into smaller more space conscious homes. Tiny homes are also a great option for people wanting a guest house, backyard studio or vacation home. With so many styles, design and tiny house plans it's no wonder people are making the switch. Living in a tiny house is a great way to own your home outright, and do away with large a large mortgage, and freeing up money to do the things you love from traveling to hobbies. Some of the tiny home designs you will find include cobb cottages, micro houses, RVs, travel trailers, teardrop trailers, house trucks, houseboats, shipping container homes, van dwelling, car dwellings, domes, yurts, laneway houses, yurts, beach shacks, prefab houses, tiny houses on wheels, apartments, studios, no loft tiny houses, tiny houses with lofts, rustic cabins, log cabins, log cottages, and so much more.

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