Restore Tiny House

Restore Tiny House

It's always a pleasure to look at unique tiny homes and small houses, each with an original style, often a reflection of the owner and the builder. "Restore Tiny House," is a cute and colorful tiny home that will make you want to stay a little longer, and look at all the fun details.

This tiny home is really cute, with a loft, lots of white throughout, an adorable four burner propane stove with oven, a full size fridge, a bathroom with a stand up shower, a black cupboard, a kitchen sink, a great fold down table that could double as a desk, nice chairs, a loft bedroom for sleeping, the shower has corrugated tin inside that is a unique touch, the exterior is painted a beautiful deep blue with a yellow front door. The simple use of color makes this place stand out, and give a real sense that time was taken to decorate and tie the place together. It would be a joy to live in a tiny house like this, the place just feels so comfortable and cosy.

Tiny house swoon is a great site, with lots of tiny house designs to swoon over. There are tiny houses for sale, tiny house designs, small modular homes, rent to own homes, small cottage house plans, little houses for sale, lots of details and photos to be inspired by. Tiny house living has never been as popular as it is today, with so many people deciding to downsize and reduce their footprint in the world. A good reason to downsize is simply to save money, and stop living to acquire more stuff, by living in a tiny house you can own your house outright, and have more money to do the things you enjoy such as travel and pursue your dreams and passions.

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