Remarkably Creative Solutions for a Multiuse Space

Remarkably Creative Solutions for a Multiuse Space

A dream house is a place where you can see yourself living for the rest of your life, a place that has come from your dreams. This Russian River Studio is one of those lovely little dream homes that you could quite possibly see yourself living in. Or maybe something like it perhaps. Everyone has their own version of what their dream home looks like in their mind's eye. So it is likely that there could be a different house for every person on the planet if we were all to create our own dream homes. A beautiful thought to think on. The Russian River studio looks to be someone's modest little dream home that they have had built for them. This shows us that we don't need to go big when we build our dream home, as long as our dream home suits us.

The Russian River studio house is located in California, a top a little hill, overlooking and nestled in the trees. The perfect pathway of rocks embedded into the hillside, leads up to the lovely studio space. This studio space has a beautiful and contemporary design, that looks very sleek. With great lines and angles, this house looks stunning, sitting proudly on top of the hill. There are some really great, large windows in the house as well that really open up the smaller space to the outdoors, and make the home flow seamlessly from the outdoors, like there are hardly any barriers keeping the outdoors out. Rather, the outdoors is invited in.

This beautiful and flexible studio space was designed to be a multifunctional space. It was designed by Cathy Schwabe, for a photographer and a writer to be a work space where they can do a variety of different things. Not only can they use the space for their own creative purposes, when creating paintings, drawings, when writing and working on photos, but the space is also to be used as a space to host workshops, as a guest house, for large meals and displaying their art. The 864 square foot studio space features amazing cathedral ceilings with exposed wooden beams, and polished concrete floor, which looks very modern and chic. There is a nice little fire place to heat the studio as well.

The work spaces have so much flexibility with the sliding doors, that are painted with a bright pop of colour, and which can be closed on the office spaces to hide any messy desks. There are even a couple of different patio spaces with chairs set up outside. Cathy designed the studio space to fit in and flow with the existing scenery, and work with the other main house property in a way that would suit the inhabitants. Surrounding the home is beautiful slate rock patio cover, which fits in with the nature of the surrounding scenery and gives some nice ground cover. What a beautiful studio space this is and would be a great place to host a showing of art, or photography, maybe a big group dinner, or to serve as a guest house or even a rental space. Many more people are building these accessory units on their properties for these purposes. It is a great way to create a new space on your property without having to build onto your existing house. Check out the beautiful photos of the Russian River Studio, taken by David Wakely and designed by Cathy Schwabe. There are links to both of their great websites showcasing their work. Did this studio space make you swoon? Make sure you check out more small spaces at Small House Swoon.

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