Redneck Log House

Redneck Log House

Need a laugh today? Look no further! You're sure to get a laugh out of this hilarious photo of a "redneck" log house. Well, I'll give him that, he made a house out of a log! It's pretty clever if you think about it. You don't have to assemble all the pieces of wood, why do that when a perfectly good tree trunk is there ready to be used ? People never cease to amaze and astound me! The maker was probably in need of a house and thought, why not try it out? The tree trunk itself would be a good structure I imagine. The bark and all the layers of tree rings that have built up over the years would add extra protection and insulation. I mean, certain animals live in trees, right? So why not a human? If you don't care about the design too much and are just looking for a simple, natural and down to basics home, than this would be a way to try. Its cute that he even put it up on the trailer bed to be able to transport it where ever he wants it!

I wish there were more photos of what it looks like on the inside! I can't really tell if its even made out of a real tree honestly, but thinking about a house made out of a large tree trunk sounds pretty neat to me any way. Maybe its just made out of some kind of composite material moulded into a tree trunk formation as a joke or a spin off of how so many people want a log house. Well here is literally a log that is a house. Go check it out, have a laugh today and let your imagination run wild. Just for the fun of it.

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