Quality Log Cabins Don't Have to Be Expensive, this is The Cumberland, for Under $17,000

Quality Log Cabins Don't Have to Be Expensive, this is The Cumberland, for Under $17,000

A welcoming log cabin like the Deluxe Cumberland Log Cabin is the kind of cabin people dream of having. Whether the log cabin is for full time or part time use, the enjoyment it gets over it's years of use is priceless. All of the memories made within the log built walls can last a lifetime, and the log cabin is something that can then be passed on to younger generations to enjoy with their children for years to come. Log cabins and homes were made to last decades, if not centuries so that they can stand the test of time. There are some older log cabins that have been standing since before the 1900s if you can believe it. This is due to the resiliency of wood, and its incomparable durability and strength. We also cannot forget about the log cabin's beauty! With a natural, timeless beauty that transcends time, these structures will never go out of style.

This gorgeous yet simple Deluxe Cumberland Log Cabin from Amish Made Cabins company, is a perfect example of how stunning logs themselves can be, even if the house is not a large one. As you will be able to view in the photos, the logs make a bold enough statement on their own with their amber warmth and glow, in all of their natural beauty. The Deluxe Cumberland log cabin is one of the more popular log cabin models that people choose when they order a log cabin from Amish Made Cabins. All of their log cabins are built by the company' s talented craftsmen, who spare nothing when it comes to quality and attention to detail in every log cabin they build. This particular model is available in 14 foot x 28 foot up to 14 foot x 40-foot floor plans, so depending on what the client needs and wants, there is plenty of room for expansion. Most of the Cumberland log cabin models can have one or two bedrooms in them, with the potential for a loft area for sleeping.

The interior is very simple and nice and spacious for a smaller sized log cabin. With enough room for a kitchen, a dining area, a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom, this log cabin model would be great for living in full time or just using as a nice vacation cabin. The model they show on the website, that was shown at a trade show, features two lofts in the space which would really expand the sleeping or storage space in the cabin. Kids would love to camp out in these lofts! The lovely interior features the exposed log walls with a flat surface, which would mean they most likely use D-shaped logs in their log cabin build. D logs are when a log is cut in half to be used in the log home build, so the exterior of the home has the traditional log home appeal while the interior of the home has flat walls, but they are also able to be wood. This way of building also uses fewer logs in the build, making it somewhat more affordable.

The Amish Made Cabins are available to be built for the customer, or they can also package the log home into a building kit so that the customer can either build the log cabin themselves or have it built by a contractor once on their land. You can view wonderful photos of Amish Made Cabins log home and cabin builds they have done over their forty years in business. Amish Made Cabins is a family owned company that really knows what they are doing when it comes to log home building. Check out more of their amazing log home and cabin builds on their website and get inspired!

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