Pure Perfection Tiny $500 Pallet House

Pure Perfection Tiny $500 Pallet House

Did you know that the average life of a refugee camp is about 7 years, but some extend to 50 years. For those that are living in refugee camps, an alternate source of housing like the Pallet house,can provide a better solution than tents. These pallet homes can provide a more permanent solution. The pallet house was conceived by I-Beam Design as a temporary solution for housing. This pallet house all appeals to many people here that want to live off the grid and cut their costs. Those that are looking to live the very simple life will be intrigued by this method of housing.

This pallet house gives you about 256 square feet of living space in a 16x16 foot structure. It takes about 80 pallets nailed and strapped in place to build this simple economical design. If you are looking to purchase the pallets, it would be approximately $480 for them, and you would spend about $80 for the hardware required according to designers from I-Beam Design. These little pallet homes offer that cozy warm feeling that wood offers. The creative use of the pallets to create shelves, countertops, seating, a place to cheer it up with some fresh plants makes it an esthetically appealing little alternative shelter.

Pallet houses make you think twice when you see the mountains of pallets piled high in many commercial areas. Hats off to the creators and designers of these very innovative dwellings.

It's amazing what you can do with a little DIY and elbow grease. It's twice as amazing what you can do with recycled and inexpensive materials. This is more then a hobby project, you could really live in this little cabin with all of the beautify of nature and it's wildlife around you.

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