Probably the Best Valued Log Home Package on the Market (Click to View Floor Plan)

Probably the Best Valued Log Home Package on the Market (Click to View Floor Plan)

The Franklin Log Home Plan has all the space you need in it's cozy 960 square foot floor plan. This one story log home from Coventry log homes uses kiln-dried Eastern White Pine because it is a green choice for both the environment and the consumer. The logs used in this log home build are held to strict standards of quality. The logs used in this log home are verified by third parties, and Coventry log homes qualify for Energy Star Five Plus Star ratings!

When you look on the Coventry log homes site, you will find over 60 designed log home models separated into five separate categories. You will find the Craftsman Series log homes that are distinguished by their post and beam style trusses and purlin roof systems. The Craftsman series log homes also have exposed beam loft systems and top notch building materials. The Tradesman Series log homes are structurally designed to be affordable by using a raftered roof system 16-inch on center ranging to different lengths. Then there are the No-Change Series log homes that are modeled after the Tradesman Series, designed to save even more money by allowing you to take a log home plan as is and make any desired log home changes on the site.

Then there is the Cabin Series which has a raftered roof system, with logs that are structurally sound but have slight imperfections for that rustic log home appearance. Lastly, the Recreational Camp log home series, designed strictly for recreational log home use, which uses a sturdy and durable D log and rafters, that are available in complete log home packages only and come with standard with metal roofs.

The Complete Log Home Package is the most popular log home package option available, it provided an AdvanTech sub-flooring, pre-cut and numbered log walls system, with Andersen windows and all the exterior and interior Therma-Tru doors. The log home package includes a complete roof system, interior framing along with the tongue and groove pine to finish, locksets, hardware, loft system and more. There are also log wall and shell packages that are also available. Coventry log homes ships all this for only $1 to anywhere in the Eastern and Central United States. If you are looking for a quality, log home package at the best price you are sure to find it on the Coventry Log Homes site.

Log homes, log cabins, and log chalets have long been the type of home that people have dreamed about. There is just something comfortable and inviting about a log home that you can't find in any other type of home build. When you use wood to build your home and combine it with a location that is close to nature and the outdoors, you have a combination that works. Log homes are a great choice environmentally, socially and economically. Environmentally log homes are a smart choice, especially when the log home company that you purchase the log home gets their logs from well-managed forests.

You want a log home company that believes in reforestation, and sustainably managed forests, so we have trees for future generations. A log home can also save you on your heating and cooling bills as logs tend to keep the heat in the home during the winter, and keep the house cooler in the warmer summer months. This will vary depending on the size of the logs that are used in the log home build, and is known as thermal mass. Log homes are the type of home that you will love living in, and one that is sure to stand the test of time.

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