Private Log Home Design Idea (the Mount Laurel) for $78,581

Private Log Home Design Idea (the Mount Laurel) for $78,581

Log homes are becoming increasingly popular, and not only because of their economic cost but also the combination of classical comfort and modern convenience at a perfect location suited for a vacation or weekend getaway. We are sure that this private log home design idea (the Mount Laurel) for $78,581 will transform into the house of your dreams.

Totaling 2350 square feet heated, this log home features two floors and 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The first floor measures to 1200 square feet, and the second 1150 square feet. The deck which runs along the right side to the rear totals 414 square feet. The large double garage which is connected with the first floor is 599 square feet. The home also features a large front yard, and is not elevated in design so that you can install a beautiful patio area in front and build a front garden.

Entering through the front door located on the left and in front of the garage, you will be greeted by a warm and inviting living room with a fire place. The living room becomes the dining room at the right side of the house which features an expansive kitchen. There is a hallway extending from the middle of the open space to the rear end that leads to a shared bathroom, and two bedrooms with walk-in closets, and one of them even opens to the rear deck. The garage is accessible near the front entrance, and features a back door.

Immediately next to the front entrance are the stairs leading up to the second floor. At the top of the stairs is the loft, which is open to the view below overlooking the living room and dining room. The loft leads to an open area the ride hand side of which is the large den which can act as a sitting area or reading room. To the left of the area through the doors is the massive master bedroom, which measure 20-0 by 17-8. It also supports two large walk-in closets and a private master bathroom. The second floor loft also opens to the second floor balcony.

This log house looks very modern: the living area is directly connected with the garage, and the whole house is grounded instead of elevated. The large den on the second floor is however not common, and in modern homes that area usually serves as additional rooms. However second floor open areas are wonderful as reading rooms or just places where friends and family can hang out, especially when it leads to a long second floor balcony.

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