Priced Between $50,000 and $85,000 this Log Home has a Beautiful Interior! Click for Floor Plans

Priced Between $50,000 and $85,000 this Log Home has a Beautiful Interior! Click for Floor Plans

Do you wistfully flick through the glossy pages of log home magazines, or spend countless internet hours searching for log home pictures, dreaming of the day when you might be lucky enough to own a beautiful log home of your own? While traditional log homes are typically costly, due to the construction techniques often utilized, there are relatively inexpensive log home options and alternatives, such as the Hanover by Coventry Log Homes.

Coventry Log Homes is a family owned, family operated log home construction company that is run by Jeff and Mark Elliott, out of Woodsville, NH. The company started small in 1994, but currently employs a team of over 30 people and has sold thousands of log home since its inception. They dont sell through dealers, but rather factory direct, meaning you will always deal with one of their qualified, knowledgeable log home experts people who actually know how to make a log home from logs!

Part of the appeal of Coventry Log Homes products is that all log homes come in packages. All of the logs in the packages are pre-cut, numbered and lettered according to the floor plan and include corners, window and door openings as well as gable logs. This saves customers thousands of dollars in construction and labor costs because the log home packages can be put together quicker (which also means customers can enjoy their new log home faster!). Coventry Log Homes also uses the best kiln-dried Northeastern White Pine to build log homes (while most log home companies utilize cedar logs, cedar grading allows holes and soft cores in logs, making them an inferior product to Northeastern White Pine).

Prefabricated log homes are not a new concept, so dont be fooled into thinking these might be an inferior product. In fact, prefabricated log homes were manufactured in Norway and exported from the 1880s. The homes were factory built from sawn or milled logs, numbered and then dismantled for transportation. It wasnt until the 1920s when the first American milled log houses appeared on the market.

The Hanover is just one of the many log homes that Coventry Log Homes has designed. The Hanover is part of the Craftsman series, and this log home is distinguished by exposed or visible architectural post and beam-style roof and loft systems. It is a spacious 24 x 48 (or 1,344 square meters) log home that features two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a stunning open concept design that still affords comfortable privacy. As with all packages, the Hanover can be purchased in various stages: logs only, shell only, or the complete package. The complete package option is the most popular option since it includes everything required to build a log home. Over and above the shell only package, it includes sub flooring, basement and loft stairs, a porch and deck, pre-hung interior doors and even oil-rubbed bronze handles and hinges for all doors. But there is always room for customers to put their decorative skills to good use since Coventry Log Homes does not supply items of personal preference, such as kitchen cabinets or countertops, finish flooring or stains or finishes.

While the price of large, luxurious log homes averages out over $500,000 per home, the Hanover is affordably priced from just $50,800 (for logs only) to $86,200 (for the complete 8x8 log package). This log home is practically a steal for the quality you get for the price you pay. The only question is: where will you purchase land for your stunning new log home?

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