Pretty Purple Off-Grid Solar Powered Tiny House

Pretty Purple Off-Grid Solar Powered Tiny House

I have been enthralled with the idea of living in a tiny home ever since I saw a show on TV about it. As simple as I am, living in a tiny home seems like the best choice for me. This concept is low-cost yet still comfortable. One of the best things about having your tiny home built for you is your choice to make it as comfortable to your living standards as possible.

With my fascination of tiny home living, I have read a bunch of articles and watched a ton of shows about this rapidly growing movement. But when I saw this Ravenlore Tiny House, I fell in love! Not just by its color, although any girl would love having a pink and purple house, but by the practicality and ingenious use of the entire space. The entire house was built for the ease of the owner, putting into consideration all her needs and requirements. It also features a number of innovative and space-saving techniques. Unlike some tiny house I've seen, this one has plenty of storage space. This is quite a relief to someone who isn't quite comfortable with letting some sentimental stuff go.

Another good thing about this tiny home is that the entire home could be set up to use solar power. So, off grid living isn't going to be hard for the homeowner. Many people who own tiny homes put into consideration off grid living especially if they are on the road most of the time. Although she has an alternate source of energy and power, the solar panels and system installed to her unit could supply her with the much-needed electricity even if her alternate source bugs down or is not available.

This tiny home has convinced me more than ever that the tiny house movement has got to be the most clever and innovative idea ever. It shows that living in a tiny space isn't necessarily uncomfortable, it might even be the best living option around.

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