Presenting: 2400 Sqft Master Log Home

Presenting: 2400 Sqft Master Log Home

When it comes to log homes and cabins, there are a lot of amazing designs, all beautiful and unique in their own way. Check out this2,424 sq ft Wonderful Log Home Floor Plan And Must See Interior The Maplecreek log cabin is just gorgeous, and has a very unique design all of its own. Log cabins are a wonderful and sustainable choice when it comes to building your dream home. And if you want the top in sustainable building materials, then logs are the way to go. Plus, they are so sturdy and durable, and can withstand years of braving the wildest elements, and still keep the inhabitants warm and cozy. They also look spectacular, and are works of art in their own accord.

Log cabin kits are a great way to build where you have some creative freedom, and you can make the design to your liking. Some of the log cabins that have been built out of the log cabin kits have been shown painted in different colours, with different decorations on them, and each looks fabulous and unique in their own way! It just depends on the individual's style. There are so many different and amazing ones to choose from with this company and they will help you find the right one for you. When you are building your log cabin or home, it is important to check out a lot of different designs and ask questions and do your research on all aspects.

This particular home, the Maplecreek, comes in 2424 square feet, which is a great size for a family. The designs work so terrifically in this space, and everything has adequate space. The Maplecreek feels really well planned out and has a nice open design to it. It features 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on the main floor, with the mater bedroom and the en suite on the upper floor. There is a little loft area on the upper level as well, and a sunken room in a hexagonal shape off of the side of the house that adds an interesting feature to the home. The sunken room would be a great library, or office space, even a sun room filled with plants!

Log cabins are not the cheapest way to build a log home or cabin, but they are definitely worth every penny. When you think about how much work goes into creating the logs coming from a sustainable tree plantation, and how much work it is to fashion them all to size and perfect cut, amongst other things like delivery and making up the plans for the kits, you will see that they are well worth the money for the work that goes into creating them. They are also a very valuable type of housing because of how strong and sturdy they are and they are super resilient to the elements, which is really important if you live somewhere that has all four seasons! Logs have a very high insulation rating, making them perfect for colder winters and they age very well. This one is a must see, with a beautiful design!

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