Prefab Log Homes - For Cheaper Cabin Building

Prefab Log Homes - For Cheaper Cabin Building

What is the difference between a hand-crafted log home and a prefab log home? That might be your first question, and here is the answer: In short, a prefab log home is a cheaper alternative (yet still beautiful) option to building a log home. Prefabricated log homes are built often through automated assembly line-processes, where hand-crafted log homes favor a more traditional style of craftsmanship, such as hand-peeled logs.

If you've always wanted to own a log home, but the cost of purchasing a hand-crafted log home seems too high, then a prefabricated log home might be exactly what you are looking for. While not to be confused with cheap manufacturing or housing, the prefabricated log home is still a more affordable option to purchasing a hand-crafted log home.

A prefabricated log home is built in a off-site facility where building standards are controlled. This means factors such as weather and material timing, and resource availability are all controlled for a seamless build.

This means that you get the efficiency of factory production without having to hire a local crew (which can come with an element of risk) depending on the skill level and experience of the crew. The prefabricated log home may not have the rustic characteristics of a handcrafted log home, but it is still a beautiful piece of precision work, which may appeal more to some people.

Another advantage of the prefab log home is the reduced constriction time. Typically a prefab log home can be constructed in as little as 15% of the time that it takes to build a handcrafted log home.

You may also have a greater degree of design flexibility. Reduced labor costs and reduced waste in materials.

Another key advantage of a prefab log home, is that you don't have to worry about settling or shrinking, as all prefab log homes are built using kiln-dried wood in a solid-wall construction.

So if purchasing a log home has always been your dream, you might want to look into a prefabricated log home, to cut costs and save on the time and efficiency.

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