Possibly the Most Incredible Log Hand Crafted Bed Furniture Piece I've Seen All Year

Possibly the Most Incredible Log Hand Crafted Bed Furniture Piece I've Seen All Year

What rolls downstairs, alone or in pairs, and over your neighbour's dog? Not a log log log bed, of course.

Less fun but more accommodating than a single log, log beds aren't just for fishing lodges and little houses in the big woods anymore. Rustic Cabin Life has found a once-a-tree bed almost worthy of Thranduil, King of the Silvan Elves, but in dimensions probably a bit friendlier to human dwellings. Those with an eye for flair would be pleased to note that, though the two animal-headed logs standing at the foot of the bed are shorter, this bed is effectively a four-poster bed. [Squeal]

Predominantly built out of golden toffee-toned wood, the magnificent log bed has a post at each corner, two curtain-height at the head of the bed, and two chest- or waist-height at the foot, as mentioned. The posts prop up thick, horizontal branches on both ends of the bed that look more like handmade fences than a headboard and retain a small portion of the original root systems on the trees. The latter feature might not be the best for a tree-loving homeowner, but does add to the outdoorsy charm of the bed.

The "headboard" also frames a large, full-branching bough that is more beautiful than supportive. Its limbs radiate overhead across the small canopy over the sleepers. A few twigs echo the effect on the other side of the bed.

The photographed seat at the foot of the bed may or may not be attached to or included with the bed. A bed bench seems a superfluous addition to such a lumberjack-tastic piece of furniture anyway; why not consider a large wooden chest?

All in all, this log bed is a wondrous structure that would suit weary heads of all ages above infancy. Consider swapping out your creaky old frame and off-white walls for this beauty, some vintage quilts or chocolate-coloured Egyptian cotton sheets, and matching wood furnishings. Click below to visit the Rustic Cabin Life page on Facebook for more photos.

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